Fasting Mints • Citravarin by Temper

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Easy-dissolve mints use Citravarin to block hunger pains to help you with intermittent fasting. One box delivered every month to help you commit to life-changing results. Each bottle of Temper Citravarin Fasting Mints contains 31 mints to keep you focused, craving-free, and on the path to a healthy fasting practice.*

Craving-Free Sleep

All Day Focus

Easier Fasting


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Marketing Manager

Home Gardener

Late Night Snacker


“Raiding the pantry before bed or sneaking a late-night snack used to leave me feeling bloated in the morning. Now, I take two mints of Citravarin after dinner. I sleep the whole night through, wake up rested and ready for the day! Temper has been a great addition to my evening routine!


Distance Runner

Distracted at Work


"My work is important to my clients, but it’s also important to me. When I started going through menopause, I started craving snacks all-day and I had difficulty focusing the way I used to. Now that I’m using Citravarin, the interns are wondering where I find the energy!"

Yoga Dad

Dog Lover

Fickle Faster


"Hearing my friends talk about intermittent fasting - It sounded great, but not for me. I’m around food all the time, either cooking for the family or running errands. I tried citravarin (three mints in the morning) and I can go until dinner without even glancing at food. I didn’t know this was possible!"

Cannabis/Hemp Free

Citravarin contains the same THCV found in cannabis, but it's made from orange peel. There's no cannabis or hemp in our supply chain which means we can ship to all 50 states!

Science First

Our founding team of PhD Scientists collaborate with practitioners and researchers to deliver products rooted in science. Citravarin dosing may not be one-size-fits all. Research guides our experience, formulations, and testing. We’re honest about what is yet to be discovered, and we will not make misleading claims.

Naturally Powerful

You don’t need to decide between effective or natural. We are obsessed with our manufacturing standards and use processing which results in a pure product without contamination. All of our mints are made with the finest quality Citravarin derived from orange peel.





Great tool to help with intermittent fasting!

I definitely recommend Temper mints. I’ve been practicing intermittent fasting (18/6 or 24h depending on my schedule) for years and it’s truly benefitted my physical and mental health. However, I find myself having extremely strong cravings in the afternoon between meals and after meals in the evenings. Temper has greatly decreased these strong cravings and helped me stay on track with my fasts. The only thing I wish was different about my Temper experience is that I wish there were options to purchase more than 30 mints at one time. I find myself running out of Mints by day 15 since I use 2 per day! Thanks Temper!

I was skeptical but it really does work

I never buy weight loss products, especially one so expensive but I could not find a single review of anyone saying it did not work. This is my second weight loss journey, I lost 130lbs a few years ago, and gained 80lbs back after having my first child. This has been a god send! I was fasting on my own but it was hard, I have strong cravings. This really does help. Even half a mint can hold me until dinner. It’s worth the money if you can find a way to prioritize your budget I’m saying this as a single mom. I’m glad I took the leap and bought them I will be subscribing! The coach that texts you helps as well in identifying your cravings and how to use the mints best.

A+ Customer Service

I had a question about the my order and about the product after it arrived and the customer service rep was very quick to answer my emails. I also enjoyed being able to reach a coach via text messages if I had questions. Really speedy team when it comes to customer service

Improved my complexion. Skin looks better

Tempers mints really helped me stick to my 30 day fasting plan. I wanted to fast to help my overall health but I noticed my skin getting better and that made me stick it out. My face is less oily and it looks fresher (?).

Helpful for snacking

its an interesting concept and its really helped me stop snacking

No more cravings. I <3 it!

successfully blocked my late night cravings while I tried to lose a few extra pounds before an event

Love these

Noticed I was able to extend my fast a couple extra hours while using Temper

Must Try

started with Temper to help with weight loss and general health. really happy with the product and results. 10/10 would recommend

Incredible Product

I've done 32 and 23 hour fasts. This mint is amazing! I'm not even thinking about food and I usually think about it even when im not hungry.

Worked for me

Product arrived by the expected date. I found the flavor enjoyable but nothing to write home about. Box was standard and full of crinkle wrap to protect the bottle. I've been using for a few days and have noticed that I am eating less. So far so good. Curious to see how I feel after a full bottle.


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