You know your body,
we know the science.
Let's work together.

Use intermittent fasting and Citravarin together to help manage your menopause symptoms.

You know your body,
we know the science.
Let's work together!

Use intermittent fasting and citravarin to help control your menopause symptoms.

Intermittent fasting has helped women like you thrive through menopause.
Citravarin can help you thrive through intermittent fasting.

What is Citravarin?

A rare cannabinoid breakthrough.

Citravarin gives you the 'anti-munchies' - blocking cravings, and making intermittent fasting easier.


Discover a new rhythm to live by

Citravarin is a naturally powerful solution,
to perfectly natural symptoms.


Hormone Free

Citravarin contains no hormones and is natural and gentle for your body

Scientifically Validated

Our programs draw on decades of research on intermittent fasting, metabolic fitness, and peak performance

All Natural Solution

Citravarin contains the same THCV found in cannabis, but it's made from citrus peel extracts.

Intermittent Fasting is a Powerful Tool to Manage Menopause.

Intermittent fasting involves consuming only water for a set period of time every day. Research has shown that intermittent fasting can have substantial health benefits, from improved mood to increased energy to sharper focus to healthier skin.*


The benefits of intermittent fasting include:

Increase Energy

Stabilize Mood

Weight Management

Reduce Blood Sugar

Take Control of Your Cravings

Temper helps you conquer menopause by picking up intermittent fasting as a lifestyle. Don't just deal with menopause, take control.

A Natural Solution
for New Challenges

Made from citrus peel extract, Citravarin is an all-natural solution to help you thrive through transition.

Why Choose
Intermittent Fasting?

Sometimes "nothing" can be the thing you are looking for. Intermittent fasting is great for your body and can help you look and feel your best.

Temper Citravarin Fasting Mints

A rare cannabinoid breakthrough to
get you back to being you.

Sold out

Easy-dissolve mints use Citravarin to block hunger pains to help you with intermittent fasting. One box delivered every month to help you commit to life-changing results. Each bottle of Temper Citravarin Fasting Mints contains 21 mints to keep you focused, hunger free, and on the path to a healthy fasting practice.

Benefits of intermittent fasting:

+ Better Memory
+ Better Sleep
+ Increased Lifespan
+ Reduced Inflammation
+ Better Skin
+ Improved Performance


Temper Is Right For You If...

✔️ You want to start each day focused on something other than hunger

✔️ You are looking to overcome discomfort from your healthy fasting practice

✔️ You are trying a new fasting routine and want support

✔️ You want to feel more focused while you fast

✔️ You are a new or experienced faster looking to accelerate or expand your practice

What Real Women Are Saying About Temper

"Using Temper to get me started with Intermittent fasting has been the best decision I've made while experiencing menopause. I feel more focused, my cravings are gone, and my husband says I have a new glow about me."

Bev - Laguna Beach, CA

Temper User Since 2020

"I really struggled with the weight I added during menopause. Temper has helped me get that weight under control and get me back to feeling like the old me. Temper is something everyone should try at least once!"

Barbara - Palm Beach, FL

Temper User SInce 2021

"Stress eating, boredom eating, weight gain... all things I have constantly struggled with. Fasting withCitravarin mints got me back on the path to feeling healthier without the burden of a new challenging diet and exercise plan.

Mitzy - New York, NY

Temper User SInce 2020


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How Women Like You Use Temper


Partner at Law Firm in New York, New York

Judy feels best when she is fully locked in at work. Her plan calls for a fast lasting 20 hours and a 4 hour window to splurge on her favorite meal, dinner. Judy starts her morning with a coffee and a Citravarin mint to help her thrive throughout the day.


Worlds Best Grandma in Seattle, Washington

Claire wants to increase her longevity and also not miss out on life's more delicious moments. She takes two Citravarin mints in the mid-morning to help with her nagging cravings during her 18/6 fasts. She fasts every day except when the grand kids are visiting. Everyone gets cookies when the grandkids are visiting.